About Us

About 1 Oak

We are a new company with high expectations!

When Angel and Terry set the company up in 2017 we had one purpose, that is to be the unique care agency in Suffolk. Every person out there has individual needs – and wants – it is down to the 1 Oak family to ensure that everything you need is in place and available when you need it.

Our high quality recruitment means that you are in safe hands for your personal care. Take a look at our services for a full list of what we offer.

  • 365 Home care

  • Individual support in the way you want

  • Going above and beyond is our sole aim

  • Become part of our 1 Oak family

  • Regular quality checks of all our staff

Statement of Purpose

1 Oak Group Limited is a private limited company, registered in England & Wales (registration number 10573704) trading as 1 Oak Home Care. We are registered with the CQC under the provider ID: 1-3530904235. We are a unique Domiciliary Care Agency based in rural Suffolk that offers a comprehensive range of personal and practical care services to vulnerable adults (aged 18 – 65) and older people (over 65 years of age) to enable them to choose to continue to live at home and have an improved quality of life. Our company ethos is heavily based on providing a care package that exceeds what most other care companies deliver. We pride ourselves on being able to offer not only personal care but also additional services such as cleaning, gardening and maintenance, to take the stress away from our clients. A holistic approach to care delivery is key. We carefully assess the needs of each client, ensuring that this assessment is detailed and comprehensive with the client at the centre.  The client is very much involved in decision making if they have the capacity to do so. Care will always be individually tailored and 1 Oak stand by a policy of openness, honesty and candour in all it does.  Our commitment to equality and fairness extends to each and every staff member, from our administration staff to our most senior carers. The company is based on a strong foundation of trust, respect and equality to all, from the newest carer to the most long-standing client.

The Company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 registration number ZA231193 and the storage and processing of personal data held in manual records and on information technology systems by the Company complies with the Act.

Aims and objectives of 1 Oak

The company commits to:

  1. a) Working with each client, social worker and carer, as appropriate, and all others associated with his/her care towards devising, implementing and reviewing a personal care plan which adequately reflects his/her stated needs at any one time;
  2. b) Promoting independent living, within the client’s range of abilities and competencies;
  3. c) Delivering consented care in the client’s home in a manner which is non-discriminatory, sensitive to the cultural needs of the client and respectful of their environment and traditions;
  4. d) Providing a high-quality, flexible, responsive and non-intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual;
  5. e) Ensuring that confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others directly involved in the care of the client and strictly in accordance with its policy on confidentiality;
  6. f) Working in partnership with other agencies involved in the clients’ care in order to ensure a comprehensive, seamless and cost-effective service;
  7. g) Work tirelessly to ensure that we strive to beat isolation for those in the community in which we serve.

Ethos and Values

1 Oak believes that the following statements best describe the values within which we seek to operate on a daily basis. Our primary value is that the needs of our clients come first.

We believe that each client in our care has the fundamental right to:

  • Be regarded as an individual and given our full attention;
  • Be cared for by people who can understand the clients’ needs and are competent to meet those needs;
  • Be treated equally, and no less favourably than others;
  • Receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs;
  • Receive prompt attention in relation to all of their healthcare needs;
  • Be safe, feel valued and always know that “someone cares”;
  • Be included in social events organised by 1 Oak to support their social needs;
  • Be included in all decisions;
  • Be afforded privacy for themselves and their belongings;
  • Have the opportunity to think independently, and make their own choices;
  • Complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened to and responded to in a timely manner.


1 Oak Home Care is passionate about giving back to the community around us and we are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility. We are always looking for innovative ways to be charitable and support the organisations locally that have meaning for our company and our service users. Any such charities we support may be both on a long-term basis and annual charity of the year.

The nature of the services provided

The agency employs care workers and provides a comprehensive range of domiciliary care services directly to the client.

Care may be provided in the following areas;

  • Practical help and domestic tasks;
  • Personal care;
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance;
  • Respite care;
  • 24 hour on call service.


1 Oak Group Limited are committed to providing high quality in house training for staff members. Prior to any employee starting to work directly with clients they are required to complete the induction process and will shadow experienced Senior members of staff.

People for whom care is provided

Care is provided to those individuals in need who approach the agency directly, or are referred to us.

Care is provided on the clear understanding that:

  1. a) The needs of each individual have been carefully assessed;
  2. b) Those needs fall into the general classifications of care for which the agency has been registered; and
  3. c) The workforce of the agency has the competence and experience to handle those individual cases calling for specialist help and support (either immediately, or following specific training).

Our client base covers:

  1. a) Frail elderly people;
  2. b) Elderly people with dementia;
  3. c) Young Adults;
  4. d) People with learning disabilities;
  5. e) Adults with physical disabilities.

The range of qualifications of the domiciliary care workers supplied by 1 Oak

Through its robust recruitment and selection policy the agency undertakes to employ only those persons it believes have the requisite skills, education, training prior work experience and attitude which will complement and enhance the quality of care we deliver. All staff are provided with a comprehensive induction training programme and further ongoing training, appraisal, supervision and support as needed. All job applicants are required to apply for an enhanced disclosure in order that the company may be satisfied that they are appropriate persons to look after our clients. All recruitment is completed in line with Safer Recruitment advice provided through robust training.

The agency’s care workers will ideally have the QCF in Care (either Level 2 or Level 3). For any care worker that has not achieved the relevant qualifications, they are encouraged to complete their QCF Level 2/3 in Care within the first 12 months of their employment. All staff must complete their Care Certificate within 12 weeks of their employment start date. Care workers are assigned to clients on the understanding that they have the requisite qualifications, skills, experience and aptitude to look after them properly.